Call for British Votes

call_for_britishAlternativa Española (AES) is calling on the support of British voters at the European elections. According to its members Alternativa Española is a party that jealously defends property rights; a party totally void of any corruption between the local administrations and the promoters, and for that reason not involved in any of these abuses. It claims to be a party that defends the equality of rights between foreign legal residents and Spaniards; a party that stands against the Treaty of Lisbon and the centralist policies of the eurocrats of Brussels. Members of AES went to Mazarron recently to speak to British expats who have huge problems with the Town Hall and the builder Masa. More than 150 came to listen to the AES’ proposals. It has been agreed to participate on next local elections in order to pressure local politicians. If you need more information, AES has opened a blog for British expats:
The Alternativa Española, is a Euro-sceptic anti-corruption party that has broken away from the PP. Having, its its words, ‘no dodgy mayors to defend’, it is keen to address the concerns that Spanish as well as expatriate residents have about land security. It was the only party to campaign for a “No” vote on the European Constitution. Alternativa Española was the organisation that organised this vigil at the Irish embassy, encouraging Ireland to stand up to the Euro-bullies.